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Cyno Monkey Coagulation Factor VIII Total Antigen
Dog PAI-1 Activity
Dog PAI-1 Total Antigen
Human Albumin
Human Alpha-2-Macroglobulin
Human Antiplasmin Total Antigen
Human Antithrombin III Total Antigen
Human Ceruloplasmin
Human Coagulation Factor IX Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor V Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor VII Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor VIII Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor X Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor XI Total Antigen
Human Coagulation Factor XII Total Antigen
Human Complement C3
Human Fibrinogen Antigen
Human IgE Antigen
Human IgG Antigen
Human PAI-1 Activity
Human PAI-1 Total Antigen
Human PAI-1 tPA Complex Antigen
Human PAI-1 uPA Complex Antigen
Human Plasminogen Total Antigen
Human Prekallikrein Total Antigen
Human Prolactin
Human Prorenin
Human Prorenin for Non Plasma Samples
Human Prothrombin Total Antigen
Human Thrombin/Antithrombin Complex Antigen
Human tPA Activity
Human tPA Total Antigen
Human uPA Activity
Human uPA Total Antigen
Human Vitronectin Total Antigen
Mouse Albumin
Mouse Antiplasmin Total Antigen
Mouse C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
Mouse Coagulation Factor XII Total Antigen
Mouse Complement C3
Mouse Factor X Total Antigen
Mouse Fibrinogen Antigen
Mouse IgG Antigen
Mouse Interleukin-17A
Mouse PAI-1 Activity
Mouse PAI-1 Total Antigen
Mouse Plasminogen Total Antigen
Mouse Prolactin
Mouse Prorenin/Renin Total
Mouse Prothrombin
Mouse Prothrombin Total Antigen
Mouse tPA Activity
Mouse tPA Total Antigen
Mouse uPA Activity
Mouse uPA Total Antigen
Mouse Vitronectin Total Antigen
Porcine Fibrinogen
Porcine PAI-1 Activity
Porcine PAI-1 tPA Complex Antigen
Porcine tPA Activity
Rabbit Fibrinogen
Rabbit IgG Antigen
Rabbit PAI-1 Activity
Rabbit tPA Activity
Rat Fibrinogen
Rat PAI-1 Activity
Rat PAI-1 Total Antigen
Rat Prolactin
Rat Prorenin/Renin Total Antigen
Rat tPA Activity
Rat tPA Total Antigen
Rat uPA Activity
Rat uPA Total Antigen
Rhesus Monkey Coagulation Factor VIII Total Antigen
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