Mouse Prothrombin

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Molecular Innovations

Assay for the quantitative determination of prothrombin in mouse plasma, serum, tissue extracts, and cell culture media. This data analysis tool calculates concentrations using a Four Parameter Logistic (4PL) curve fit in accordance with Molecular Innovations' Mouse Prothrombin ELISA Kit.

The standard data points are plotted (concentration vs. absorbance) on linear axes and a 4PL curve is fitted through these points. The concentrations of the unknown samples are determined from the fit and any specified dilution factors are applied.

The %CV, Standard Deviation and Standard Error are calculated for each replicated sample. Samples outside the range of the standards or the fit (greater than the upper asymptote or below the lower asymptote) are highlighted in yellow.



Supply your measurement data: Help
Help You can supply your raw data in two ways:
  1. Enter (or Paste) the raw data into the edit box. Use the same format as the example data (i.e. numbers separated by spaces). More...
  2. Select a data file on your computer and press Upload. Most raw data file formats are automatically recognised and processed. Formats not currently supported can be added very quickly. More...
After reviewing other analysis parameters press the Calculate button below to process your results.



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