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Four Parameter Logistic Curve

Quantitative analysis of samples using a Four Parameter Logistic (4PL) curve fit suitable for calculating concentrations from symmetrical sigmoidal calibrators. This method is widely used and cited in data analysis for typical ELISAs. This analysis optionally includes a background correction step. If a blank group is included on your layout, the mean of the blank replicates is first subtracted from the raw data measurements (the corrected values are then used in the fit). The standard data points (concentration vs. measurement) are plotted on semi-log axes and a 4PL is made through the points. The concentrations of the samples are determined from the fit with any specified dilution factors applied. Note, the concentration units are unspecified; use whichever units are applicable for your standards (the calculated concentrations will use these same unspecified units). The %CV, Standard Deviation and Standard Error are calculated for each replicated sample. Samples outside the range of the standards or the fit (greater than the upper asymptote or below the lower asymptote) are highlighted in yellow.

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A luminol-dependent chemiluminescence assay for the assessment of the phagocytosis of erythrocytes sensitised with IgG immunoglobulin by mononuclear leukocytes. Based on Downing I., Templeton J.G., Mitchell R. & Fraser R.H. (1990). A Chemiluminescence Assay for Erythrophagocytosis. J. Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence, 5, 243-250. The analysis calculates the mean area under each chemiluminescence response curve. The Opsonic Index (OI) is calculated as follows: OI = area under curve of sample / area under curve of its corresponding blank control An OI < 1.2 is indicative of a negative result. In order to verify that the assay has been successful and the results are acceptable the analysis validates that the test sample identified as the Positive Control has an OI greater than 2.0 (in this case OI= mean area under Positive Control / mean area under Negative Control). This will appear in the report as pass or fail.

pH Xtra

Extracellular acidification assay for determination of pH and H ion.

Area Under Curve

Calculates the area under each kinetic graph using the trapezia method.