Proteomika and MyAssays Collaborate on Biological Drug Testing

Feb 6th, 2012

Proteomika and MyAssays announces a collaboration to develop web-based software in the field of biological drug testing.

Proteomika S.L., a subsidiary of the Progenika Group, a Spanish biotechnology company and MyAssays Ltd., a privately held UK software company, today announced a collaboration agreement. Proteomika S.L., specialists in the development of in vitro diagnostic tests and MyAssays Ltd., specialists in cloud-based data analysis solutions for Life Sciences, will together develop analysis software solutions for the new suite of Promonitor® tests.

Promonitor® is the name for a series of blood tests to monitor drug levels and anti-drug antibodies in patients undergoing biological therapies. The new method assures these parameters are measured extremely accurately. This allows for better clinical management of patients and the rational and cost-effective use of biologicals. Proteomika currently offers products and services used to monitor patients treated with various anti-TNFα and anti-CD20 drugs. The company is developing similar tests for other biological drugs. MyAssays will launch the new online solution to support Proteomika’s Promonitor® data analysis in February, 2012.

The MyAssays service provides browser-based access to data reduction tools custom-made for specific products and data analysis methods. Data analysis for Promonitor® tests can be performed on pre-configured Promonitor® data analysis pages on the MyAssays service without the need to download, install or configure any specialist software.

The MyAssays service delivers easy access to relevant tools and services that cut down the time needed to convert measurement data to meaningful results. The MyAssays service also offers enhanced product support with direct access to product specialists as part of the service process.

The new online software will provide Promonitor® users with an automated solution for raw data analysis that also makes it possible to report and track the analysis.

For example, the level of infliximab in patient serum, when considered in conjunction with anti-infliximab antibodies and clinical parameters like disease activity, contributes valuable information to the physician to assess the efficacy of treatment with infliximab, predict infusion-related reactions and the loss of clinical response by patients.

The use of Promonitor® kits allows the clinician to identify loss of clinical response due to drug immunogenicity and allows treatment regimes to be rapidly optimized to the individual patient. This results in a clinical benefit to patients and avoids the waste of time, money and opportunity spent on ineffective treatments.” commented Dr. Daniel Nagore, CSO of Proteomika.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Proteomika to bring cutting-edge data analysis tools to the in vitro diagnostic market.” commented Darren Cook, Founder of MyAssays.

Proteomika, a subsidiary of Progenika Biopharma, is a medical biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative in vitro diagnostic tests in the areas of oncology, inflammatory disease and fertility. We believe that the future of healthcare lies in the better matching of treatment to the individual patient and our aim is to play a leading role in advancing Personalized Medicine as the new paradigm for 21st century healthcare. From biomarker discovery through to product development and validation company scientists are translating proteomic discoveries into tools for clinical diagnosis and prognosis. Leading products include Promonitor a CE-marked suite of tests that allows the clinical response of patients treated with biological drugs to be monitored objectively. For further information about the company, its products and services please visit

MyAssays Ltd. is a specialist software development company focusing on building online solutions for Life Sciences applications. MyAssays works closely with product manufacturers to build user-friendly validated data analysis tools for specific products and services that are shareable in online scientific communities. MyAssays' goal is to increase productivity in the lab by streamlining the reduction of raw data and eliminating costly calculation errors. MyAssays is committed to equipping scientists with high quality research tools that simplify assay data evaluation through a highly accessible platform.

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