MyCurveFit Launch

Jan 1st, 2015

MyAssays Ltd. has launched www.mycurvefit.comgenuinely easy-to-use online curve fitting.

A spin-off to the assay-based online data analysis tools at, the MyCurveFit service offers general curve-fitting tools for requirements outside of typical life sciences assay formats. The service is already in use in a wide range of fields, including banking, electronics, meteorology, and space exploration.

With no software to download or configure, simply visit the site, enter your data points, and obtain a curve fit of your choice automatically.


• Free online curve-fitting

• Preconfigured with popular fits

o Linear Regression

o Polynomial Regression (Quadratic, Cubic)

o Non-linear Regression (4PL, 5PL, Power, Gaussian, and many more!)

o Cubic Spline (Natural, Smoothed, Akima)

• Weighted fits

• User-defined fits (supply your own equation/model)

• Predict values from the fitted curve (interpolation and extrapolation)

• Goodness-of-fit measures including error ranges

• Excel/PDF export

• Share your fit and methods

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