Assay Analysis Opens in the Cloud

May 4th, 2011

MyAssays Ltd has launched its first, ready-to-use data analysis tools and services for scientists, reagent and reader specialists, and the academic community. The service currently provides 60 assay templates for an array of commercially available kits and common analysis methods and supports a wide range of microplate and rack-based instrumentation.

Now fully operational, the MyAssays cloud-based data analysis service enables researchers to enter their measured raw data into an assay page easily and access results immediately. The browser-based services include tools that integrate with existing workflow, such as the MyAssays Add-In for Microsoft Excel, the Software Developer’s Toolkit and the MyAssays Desktop Client.

MyAssays Ltd was formed in 2009. Working closely with reagent manufacturers and product specialists, the ongoing work of MyAssays Ltd is to add further assays to the existing selection, equipping scientists with high quality research tools that simplify assay data evaluation through a highly accessible platform.

MyAssays tools are free to use, and an optional premium service is also available. The online service can be accessed from any computer and is compatible with Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. The MyAssays Intranet solution alternatively provides ready-to-install MyAssays tools and services that run privately and securely on a company’s internal infrastructure.

The joining process and MyAssays website are simple to navigate and once logged in, finding an assay, entering the data, and calculating the results is easily done. Data can be entered by pasting into the browser-based service or uploading a data file. Many file types are supported and MyAssays runs on all major browsers.

The MyAssays team welcome your queries and questions about the services and can be contacted using the Send Message button below.

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