Download and Install WorkOut Plus

WorkOut Plus can be installed on any compatible PC for evaluating data from a range of instrumentation. The software can also be installed on a PerkinElmer WIZARD2 Gamma Counter.
Installation on the WIZARD2 should be performed by PerkinElmer personnel only.
The instructions provided here are intended for users wishing to install the software on PCs not directly connected to instrumentation.

Follow these instructions to install WorkOut Plus:

1. Download the setup package:

WorkOut Plus for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (25.6MB)

If you are using a PerkinElmer VICTOR, EnVision, EnSpire or EnSight, use WorkOut Plus MMD which is available from here.

2. If using 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8, download the additional drivers and install as described here.

3. If you have a previous version of WorkOut installed, uninstall it.

4. If you have a WorkOut USB dongle, ensure that it is NOT connected to your computer.

5. Unzip and launch the downloaded WorkOut installation program. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

6. If you have a WorkOut USB dongle, insert it now. If not, use the Send Message button below to request a trial software licence.

7. Launch WorkOut.

WorkOut Plus Video Guides

A selection of WorkOut Plus video guides is available from here.

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